Unveiling the Quirky Laws of South Carolina: 10 Legal Questions Answered

Legal Question Answer
1. Are these weird laws actually enforceable in South Carolina? Believe quirky laws technically enforceable South Carolina, many outdated rarely enforced. They provide a fascinating peek into the state`s history and cultural norms.
2. Can fined leaving horse unattended South Carolina? Yes, law, illegal leave horse unattended South Carolina fined up $100! Law harks back time horses common mode transportation.
3. Is it true that dance halls are required to have a special license in South Carolina? Yes, it`s true! Dance halls in South Carolina are required to obtain a special license in order to operate legally. This law likely originated from the state`s efforts to regulate public entertainment venues.
4. Can fined playing pinball under 18 South Carolina? Surprisingly, yes. South Carolina law prohibits minors from playing pinball games and imposes a fine of up to $25 for violators. This law reflects the state`s historical concerns about gambling and juvenile delinquency.
5. Is it illegal to use profanity in front of a dead body in South Carolina? Indeed, it is! South Carolina prohibits the use of profanity within hearing distance of a dead body, with a penalty of a $100 fine. Law likely stems state`s cultural religious traditions respect deceased.
6. Can you really be fined for performing a marriage ceremony without a valid license in South Carolina? Absolutely. South Carolina law mandates that anyone who performs a marriage ceremony without a valid license can be fined up to $200! This law exists to uphold the state`s legal requirements for marriage and prevent unauthorized officiants.
7. Is it legal to eat watermelon in a public park in South Carolina? Surprisingly, no! It is illegal to eat watermelon in certain public parks in South Carolina. This peculiar law likely has its roots in concerns about littering and public decorum.
8. Can trouble keeping horse bathtub South Carolina? Believe not, law exists! Illegal keep horse bathtub South Carolina, offenders penalized fine. This law likely emerged from efforts to regulate urban livestock and public nuisances.
9. Is true illegal gamble outcome game marbles South Carolina? Yes, it`s true! South Carolina prohibits gambling on the outcome of a game of marbles, with a penalty of up to $100. This law reflects the state`s historical stance against gambling and games of chance.
10. Can fined cursing front woman child South Carolina? Yes, it is! South Carolina law imposes a fine of up to $100 for cursing in the presence of a woman or child. This law reflects the state`s cultural values regarding polite and respectful language.


20 Weird Laws in South Carolina

South Carolina is known for its beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture. But did you know that the state also has some pretty strange laws? From the ban on fortune-telling to restrictions on dance halls, South Carolina has its fair share of quirky regulations. Let`s take look 20 Weird Laws in South Carolina leave scratching head.

1. No Horses Bathtubs

Believe it or not, it`s illegal to keep a horse in a bathtub in South Carolina. Law dates back 1950 man fined $100 doing just that. While may seem absurd, law still books today.

2. Ban Fortune-Telling

South Carolina prohibits the practice of fortune-telling for compensation. Anyone found guilty of this offense can face a fine of up to $500 or imprisonment for up to 30 days. This law aims to prevent fraud and exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

3. Dance Hall Permits

In the town of Myrtle Beach, dance halls are required to obtain a special permit to operate legally. This law was enacted in an effort to regulate late-night establishments and prevent disturbances to the peace.

4. No Minors in Pool Halls

In South Carolina, individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from entering a pool hall. This law is aimed at preventing underage gambling and delinquent behavior.

5. Limit Bingo Games

Charitable organizations in South Carolina are limited to hosting no more than two bingo games per week. This law is intended to prevent excessive gambling activities and maintain the integrity of charitable gaming.

6. Fireworks Regulations

South Carolina has strict regulations on the use of fireworks, with specific guidelines on the types of fireworks that can be sold and used within the state. Failure comply regulations result fines penalties.

7. Limit on Margarine Coloring

It is illegal to sell or use margarine that is artificially colored in South Carolina. This law was enacted to protect the dairy industry and promote the consumption of natural butter.

8. Animal Littering Prohibition

South Carolina prohibits the “littering” of animal carcasses on highways. This law aims to maintain public hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases from animal remains.

9. Monopoly on Alcohol Sales

Liquor stores in South Carolina must be owned and operated by the state. Unique law gives state government Monopoly on Alcohol Sales, exception beer wine.

10. Restrictions on Inland Navigable Waters

Boaters in South Carolina are subject to various regulations on inland navigable waters, including speed limits, safety requirements, and equipment standards. Failure comply regulations result fines penalties.

11. Ban on Saltwater Fishing without a License

Anyone over the age of 16 who wishes to engage in saltwater fishing in South Carolina must obtain a valid fishing license. This law is enforced to regulate fishing activities and protect the state`s marine resources.

12. Prohibition on Misrepresenting Weight of Farm Produce

It is illegal to misrepresent the weight of farm produce in South Carolina. This law aims to prevent fraud and ensure fair business practices within the agricultural industry.

13. Restrictions on the Sale of Eucalyptus Plants

Due to the potential fire hazard posed by eucalyptus plants, South Carolina restricts the sale and planting of these trees within the state. This law aims to mitigate the risk of wildfires and protect the environment.

14. Prohibition on Sunday Work

Many businesses in South Carolina are prohibited from operating on Sundays, including certain types of retail establishments. This law stems from historical religious traditions and blue laws that restrict commercial activities on Sundays.

15. Restrictions on the Sale of Raw Milk

South Carolina strictly regulates the sale of raw milk, with specific requirements for labeling, testing, and distribution. This law is designed to protect public health and prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

16. Prohibition on Cockfighting

Engaging in cockfighting or attending cockfights is illegal in South Carolina. This law aims to prevent animal cruelty and safeguard the welfare of roosters used in these activities.

17. Limits on House Paint Colors

In certain historical districts of South Carolina, homeowners are restricted in the colors they can use to paint their houses. This law aims to preserve the architectural integrity and aesthetic appeal of these neighborhoods.

18. Ban Exotic Pets

South Carolina prohibits the ownership of certain exotic pets, including big cats, bears, and non-native venomous snakes. This law is intended to protect public safety and prevent the mistreatment of wild animals.

19. Restrictions on Discharging Firearms

In populated areas of South Carolina, discharging firearms is subject to strict regulations to ensure public safety. This law aims to prevent accidental injuries and preserve the tranquility of residential neighborhoods.

20. Prohibition on Littering from Hot Air Balloons

It is illegal to throw anything from a hot air balloon in flight in South Carolina. This law aims to prevent littering and protect the environment from aerial pollution.

While these laws may seem strange or outdated, they reflect the unique cultural and historical context of South Carolina. As we navigate the complexities of legal regulations, it`s important to consider the rationale behind these laws and their impact on society. Whether it`s preserving public safety, protecting the environment, or upholding traditional values, each of these laws carries a story of its own.


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Law Number Description
1 illegal dance public space Sundays
2 Horses kept bathtubs
3 unlawful give receive tattoo
4 Minors play pinball
5 Fortune telling is prohibited
6 Donkeys sleep bathtubs
7 Playing a pinball machine for more than three hours in a row is considered a misdemeanor
8 It is illegal to urinate in public, unless done on the rear wheel of a motor vehicle
9 Women may not publicly appear unshaven in shorts
10 Fishing with dynamite is illegal
11 unlawful keep horse bedroom
12 illegal swear public, well use obscene language telephone
13 It is prohibited to keep a house with a fence height more than 42 inches
14 No one may buy a mattress on Sunday
15 illegal work Sundays
16 A pickle is not officially a pickle unless it bounces
17 unlawful keep fire hydrant inventory
18 illegal store trash vehicle
19 prohibited use profanity driving highway
20 It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon that is over six feet in length